Service Statement and Ofsted Registration

Nursery Garden

Service Statement

As a registered provider of Nursery Education, here at Little Sprouts Day Care we strive to provide the highest quality of care and education for all of our children, ensuring they are safe, secure and happy within our environment.

Our policy is to work closely with parents and carers; we support your needs to give you peace of mind that your child is receiving the highest quality of care from us.

OFSTED Registration

We are registered and inspected by OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education), and comply with all 14 Full Day Care national standards. Little Sprouts Day Care is registered to provide Full Day Care and Out of School Day Care on the premises. We may care for no more than 35 children under 8 years; of these, not more than 20 may be under 3 years, and of these not more than 16 may be under 2 years at any one time.

Ofsted Report

We had our Ofsted inspection on 25th March 2019. We achieved a 'Good'. A copy of the report is available online at