Our Rooms

Our rooms have been positioned, resourced and placed with the children in our setting in mind as we have done them. With the curiosity approach it forces you to think about the ‘WHY’ of things you do – this in turn has helped us create a beautiful home from home environment, that encourages children to be independent, feel confident, safe and secure in their time with us.

Seedlings Room

Our baby room (3months- 24months) has been created with your children’s development in mind, with that being said our room leaders ensure that the room isn’t too busy or over stimulating but has just the right amount to help your babies neural pathways connect!

It is a comfy, neutral setting for your babies to grow. A lot of the items are on the floor so that the babies can go and help themselves to what they want to play with, encouraging their independence from a very early stage. Your child may not be speaking yet but sensory play helps the babies to build up cognitive and motor memories which then helps them with the rest of their development!
Our babies love making music, singing and bubbles at the moment and have been enjoying making banging sounds, singing along to nursery rhymes and popping bubbles!
Our sleep area is within the room but we found that this works better as most of the children have the similar sleep routine and the adults are constantly in the room rather than using a monitor.
White noise is played throughout the day quietly in the background and this aids auditory stimulation. The staff members in baby room are Yvonne, Lucy, Jade and we will often have a work placement student too.

Little Sprouts Room and Blossoms Room

We have two separate rooms that the older children use (2yrs – 5yrs) this includes a home room, sensory corners and a construction room that include different aspects and areas within each one. We use a free-flow system which means that the children can choose which room they would like to go in – we use walkie talkies to communicate within the setting so that we know where the children are always. It is a great way to encourage them to be independent and use communication.
In the home room we have seen the children cook, read, play with water and dress up. They have also been hairdressers and beauticians! It’s incredible to watch the children interact with each other within a role play situation as you can see them expressing their individuality into the scenes and cultivate beautiful relationships with the other children. Home areas help children to investigate real life situations, which has been aided completely by incorporating the use of real-life items that they see in their own homes such as phones, China sets, adult clothing and shoes just to name a few. It helps to stimulate their imagination and it is a privilege for us as a team to be able to watch, help and join in with your children as they develop and grow.
In the construction room there is quiet corners, messy play corners and lots of fun to be had! like the home room we use real life items, but this also includes tools! This quickly moulds the children’s sense of danger as they have too risk assess that ‘hammers are heavy’ for example. The buildings, towers and creations that have been made from all of the different resources is fantastic – including the stories that the children tell to go along with them!
The way that the rooms have been set out are very much in line with the curiosity approach – everything has a reason for being there and usually that reason is a child within the setting. We are not afraid to alter and adjust the rooms when we feel like the children are no longer getting full potential out of them and this helps keep the children motivated and engaged. The children help us with the rooms and activities that we put out. The sensory rooms that we have created for the children induce a calm and reflective atmosphere. It gives the children in the setting a chance to take a moment to self-regulate their emotions, compose themselves and their behaviours and this in turn helps them to focus on other areas of their learning through play.
Sensory areas have been proven to help aid visual, audio and tactile processing. The children have enjoyed using the remote controls to change the colours of the lighting which stimulates fine gross motor skills and other children have been playing with the sequin boards and reaching up for the rotary spinner which encourages the use of gross motor skills. They are absolutely obsessed with fidget spinners and our sensory bubble popping toy.It consumes them wholly and the levels of concentration you see when you see them playing with the toys is fabulous!